In this day and age, owning an ecommerce business doesn't guarantee success nor traffic, although if you have traffic chances are greater you'll succeed, its the same as a retail store and foot traffic, here comes the BUT, Conversion analytics, looks deeply at your customer interactions and how they are shopping within your Ecommerce platform, its the most ideal place to begin when taking your Ecommerce store to the next revenue generating level.
ZOO Media have been around the block enough times to know what to look for and how to move forward.


As we all are aware, practically everyone today is on one of the large Social Network's freely avaliable online,
Social Media Marketing has a number of advantages, although the major advantage is the ability to serve your advertising material to the "perfect" audience based on their social profile and information,
We encourage the use of Social Media Marketing for only a few applications - When you are ready, lets talk about those applications.


Build, build and build some more... Sound about right? Ecommerce development is a continual process, although if done correctly, its a rather painless process.
ZOO Media comes from a background of designing, building and managing Ecommerce platforms around the world, although as much as marketing excites us, continual development is unavoidable,
We're here to assist you where ever possible, get in touch if you have any web development work we can assist with.
ZOO Media are specialist developers in the following Platforms/Frameworks:
- Prestashop Development
- Opencart Development
- Magento Development
- WordPress WooCommerce Development


UI or User Interactions is how visitors are operating your ecommerce platform and are they heading in the right direction - Right direction being the checkout process or at least are your visitors creating accounts for future purchases?
UX or User Experience is a little different to UI, difference being that user experience is more about colour, flow, ease of use, product info and pricing,
Optimising your User journey works hand in hand with your conversion numbers, as you optimise here, you will see an increase in conversions.


SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is probably the most oversighted aspect of Marketing of your online platform as it takes a lot longer to return results, although if you plan on being in business for a good number of years, SEO is a must,
SEO is the process in which you optimise your website to rank higher in any/all of the online search engines such as Google and Bing,
Often referred to as Organic traffic, SEO in the long term provides the highest revenue return on investment of time and money...